Google Claims that Nexus 4 Shortage Problems are Due to Supply Issues from LG

Google Nexus 4 has become very popular device among the customers of the different regions. The company spent lot of money in order to complete the design and research of this device. But despite of the popularity of this device, there always remained the supply issues about this device since it has been launched. Now the company has stopped receiving the orders of this device.

The Google’s UK and Ireland Managing director Dan Cobley had shown serious concerns over this issue and ensured the customers that this issue will be resolved soon. The MD describes his views in the following way;

“Dear all, I know that what you are going through is unacceptable and we are all working through the nights and weekends to resolve this issue. Supplies from the manufacturers are scarce and erratic and our communication has been flawed”.

But the analysts of the market are not ready to agree with this statement. According to them, he replied and addressed to this issue several times before by claiming that he was looking into the issue in order to solve this but all his efforts remain in vain and the customers faced the problems of shortage of this device.

The analysts are also demanding that the company should disclose that why the company is issuing the smart phones in small batches? Why there are supply issues? All these things are adding negative things about the performance of the company. The Google Nexus 4 is the most popular device of the company and the company should take proper actions in order to resolve the issues, they further added.

But the MD of the company is quite hopeful and says that orders for pre-Christmas delivery will be finally achieved. This device is quite famous among the customers and the pre-orders are continuously showing upward trends.

This device also has achieved “high demand” status on the eBay. The officials of the company are quite hopeful that the shortage problems of this device soon be resolved.

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