Google Has Taken New Initiative by Introducing Web Contents in Arabic

Google has moved one step forward after announcing an interesting and attractive initiative on the web. The Google has announced that it is now able to promote Arabic on the internet.

The Google announced a program which is called the Arabic Web Days. The aim of this program is to increase the amount of online content in Arabic. The Arabic language is that language that is mostly under-represented on the internet.

Google said in its blog announcement “Arabic content on the web represents about 3 percent of the total digital content online”. According to a research study, the Arabic speakers consist of more than 5 percent of the global population.

The Google has made a series of plans with its partners that are working very hard on promoting and introducing an infographic competition and the celebration of “Arabic Web Day” which is going to be held on December 12.

“We want the internet to be relevant for Arabic speaking units. It’s all about the users”, said Maha Abu Elenein, who is the Google’s head of communications in the Middle East and North Africa.

Google has also launched an Arabic only blog and a promotional YouTube video in the Arabic language. The officials of the company are quite hopeful that this will increase the customer base of the company and this addition of Arabic language will help a lot the Muslim population of the world. The target users will get ease from the use of the Arabic content as they will feel more relaxed in using the contents in their own language rather than in English language.

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