Google Introduces the New Mobile Ad Features, Reducing the Impacts of Accidental Tapping

Google has announced today a new mobile ad feature. According to the sources of the company, this introduction of new feature will control the problems that arise due to the fat finger. The company was receiving continuously different complaints that due to the fat fingers there are accidental tapping on the banner ad issues that were appearing on the phone.

This thing was creating problem for the customer as the accidental tapping of some ads directed them to some different sites that they had no intention of visiting. This thing was also creating problems for the advertisers too as in this case they are repaying for those clicks that do not have much value.

Google’s product director for mobile phones, Jonathan Alferness, said in a statement that the company has already come to know about this problem and we are trying our best to control this problem as this problem is creating problems for both the advertisers and users. He further added that in order to control this problem, the company has added a blue arrow containing the words “visit site”. With the help of this button, the users will be able to move to another page if they have the intention to do so. In this way, the company will also be able to control the problems of accidental tapping, he says.

According to the sources of the company, this thing will help a lot in controlling the problem of accidental tapping during the visit of ads. In some simple words we can say that if there is some ambiguity about whether the users want to visit a certain site or not, the Google will ask from the users about the visit of the site.

The company is also planning to take the similar actions of confirmed links to its other mobile apps and other ads formats. In this feature, the new ad will not start without the intention of the users. This will save the time of the users as well as save the money of the advertisers too as they were previously forced to pay for those ads that were not intentionally clicked.

Google has completed all the tests for this thing and this feature is quite ready and operational now. Alferness says “the new ad feature is fully launched”. This feature will also be available in all of the image ad banners that are available in the smartphone apps.

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