Google News Appears in Updated Look for Tablets

Google has announced that it is planning to update the design of the Google News. According to the company, this updated news version will provide enhanced reading experience on tablets including the Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and iPad. According to Google, “the new design will make the service feel even more natural and fluid on tablet devices”.

The product manager of the Google News, Mayuresh Saoji, has provided his statement in the following manner;

“New design adds more breathing room between articles, making it easier to spot the stories you really care about”.

According to Google, the Google news service drives over 6 billion page views per month to the different news sites it links. This Google news will also get some smaller features and updates on the tablets. For example, the users can use gestures to find new articles, news sources and many other things. The use of already provided featured service “Explore in depth” on the tablet provides and brings up the different articles and information that re related to a particular story.

According to the sources of the company, currently this update will only be available to the users in the U.S. The company also has plans to introduce this service to the other parts of the world in the next few days.

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