Google Nexus 4 Will Be Available on Three in UK from December 13

Google is spreading the Nexus’s customer’s base by bringing the Nexus 4 to another carrier in UK. With the addition of this carrier, the carrier position of this smart phone in UK will be improved. This device was firstly introduced by O2 carrier in the UK.

This Android 4.2 powered smart phone will be available in the UK from December 13. The customers will have different options to get this smart phone. They will have the choice of either 35 pounds per month contract with an upfront cost of just 29 pounds on the one plan. In this plan the customers will have the features of unlimited data and high on network text and talk limits. This will be two years contract. The customers will also have the pre paid option of onetime payment of just 399.99 pounds.

The addition of this new partner has been decided just after the Google launched the Nexus 4 officially. This device got the warm response from the general public in UK and around the world. According to the officials of the company, the demand of this smart phone has been increased considerably but we are trying to reduce the shipping time of this device in order to meet the timely orders of the customers from different parts of the world.

The Three’s DS-HSDPA network will support this smart phone smartly. But according to some technical analysts of the market, the users will have to manually enable LTE on the device.  They are also of the opinion that the interesting thing will be to see how many people opt to buy through the different carriers rather than getting this phone on cheaper prices directly from Google and then bringing it to the network of their own choice.

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