Google’s Employees Showing Less Interest in Google+

Google needs more efforts to improve the repute of Google+. This can be started by motivating its own employees to take active and effective part in posting and promoting the social network, a report says.

This report claims that about one third of the employees of the Google did not post single entry on its social media site the Google+.

According to Google Plus Ghost, nearly one third of the employees of Google have not updated their profiles on Google+ during the past month. Google Plus Ghost is a website that has been launched during this week. The main objective of this website is to track the activeness of Googlers on Google+.

The report of this site further says that about one fifth of Google employees have not posted to Google+ during the past three months.

However, this report has missed and did not account the private updates that Googlers have posted to Google+, one spokesperson of the Google told the press. He said that this report is missing a big part of the picture.

In order to resolve this issue, the team of Google Plus Ghosts investigated the profiles of more than 2,000 employees of the Google in order to know and understand that how frequently these profiles of the users have been updated.

Yousaf Sekander, who is the director of technology at the UK digital marketing agency RocketMill, says that the data from his latest online tool suggests that many of the Google employees are not the big fans of their company’s social networking site. According to him, the engagement of the employees on this site is extremely discouraging and how others will attract to this site if the employees of the same company behave like this?

One the other hand, official spokesperson of the Google+ claims that Google+ has about 100 million monthly active users. But several studies have raised some doubts about the popularity of this site. One report says that users on Facebook are more than 7 times active than the users on Google+.

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